October 03, 2021 | Frank Smith

WiFi Marketing: What It Is and How Is It Important for Business Growth? 


No matter which business you are doing, you need innovations not only in your company's internal procedures but in methods of customer services too. If you are failing to follow new trends that your competitors follow, you’re doomed to fall behind and out of favor with buyers. One novelty that almost every company has already adopted is offering free in-store Wi-Fi to guests for the purpose of WiFi Marketing.  

According to bankmycell there are around 3.8 billion mobile phone users in the world which means almost every other person on this planet has a smart phone. And around 82% of customers consult their phones during a shopping experience. This means it is a great opportunity to provide WiFi service to your customers because they expect this service at your store. Offering this service for free will enhance customer satisfaction. According to Cisco, 96% of customers prefer to shop at stores that have free WiFi service, and they’re also more likely to return to that store. Furthermore, this free WiFi service is not only a perk for customers but it also has many benefits for businesses that we will discuss in the later part of this blog. 

What Is WiFi Marketing? 

Using WiFi marketing tools for business growth is innovative way for brick-and-mortar businesses. Physical retailers provide free or guest wireless internet access to shoppers and then use that as a channel to communicate messages and promotions. It’s just one of the many ways that these retailers are embracing the digital world and creating a multichannel experience for their shoppers in the process.  To increase engagement with their customers, the WiFi service these stores are providing traditionally includes login pages, content delivery, email marketing, social media interactions, promotions, and data collection.     

This free WiFi connection has a coverage area, likely within the borders of the store. When a customer connects with their WiFi, stores not only build customer loyalty by running highly targeted digital ads, and automated customer communications but also increase their average sales because customers spend more time in their locations when they offer free Wi-Fi.   

The Benefits of WiFi Marketing Tools for Business Development:   

Businesses who view providing free WiFi to their customer as an expense rather than seeing it as an opportunity to bring new buyers into their store, always fall behind their competitors.  There are innumerable benefits of WiFi marketing for business but we will enlist here a few of them from both consumers’ and merchants’ point-of-view. One thing is certain, because of all these benefits  your business will grow like blazes.    

From the Customer’s Perspective:   

  1. The WiFi you provide will not only be faster for browsing than their mobile internet but the customers can also save on data usage.    

  2. Customers will have the facility to know more about things they want to buy through the internet. This way customers will enjoy shopping at your place and will definitely like to return to your store.    

From the Retailer's Perspective:  

  1. Gather Data to Ameliorate and Modify In-store Operations and Promotions:  

     On the surface, it feels as if providing free WiFi only facilitates the customer but in reality, it actually benefits businesses even more than customers. Through this WiFi, they will collect data on the behavior of their shoppers, their routine of visiting stores, and basic contact information. On the basis of this useful information, retailers can modify their operations, create deals according to their customers’ interests, and then communicate these promotions and deals to them through messages or emails.      

  2. A surge in Sales and Revenue:   

    The first and foremost purpose of every marketing strategy is to increase sales and generate more revenues. When you provide WiFi, customers will spend more time in your store, which in turn increases your sale.     

  3. Offering Free WiFi will Attract More Customers: 

    Nowadays, people are so much interested in internet connectivity all day long. So, when a customer has to choose between two restaurant venues, he will be more likely to consider places that provide free WiFi to their customers. If you are offering this facility, you will surely have more customers than the competitor who is not offering.          

  4. Boost in Social Presence of Your Business:     

     When a customer connects with your WiFi, it requires of him to check-in on Facebook or like the Facebook page (you can ask these things for other social media platforms too) to use that WiFi. This sounds great because every time a new customer comes to your store, you will get a like on your social media platform and when an old customer comes, he will check in again. This will definitely stimulate your social media presence.          

  5. Market Other Channels for Additional Engagement:       

      Brands can know about their customer’s social media accounts, emails, and phone numbers through this marketing method. They can then use these details to communicate with their customers about their new products, new businesses, and much more. Furthermore, some brands use their landing page promotions and push notifications to encourage customers to sign up for their newsletters. They might even go as far as to offer discounts and other incentives for doing so.             

Final Thoughts:   

Using WiFi Marketing for business is generally a great way for helping your company grow rapidly. If you own a brick-and-mortar retail or hospitality venue then you should have a WiFi marketing system. Building and managing your own wifi management system needs a lot of budget and skilled human resource. There is another more convenient and affordable option like hiring the services of EZ Smart WiFi. We can offer our own WiFi for your brand promotions or you can have us manage your current ISP. In any case, this marketing is essential in the highly competitive world we are living in, so, get this service as soon as possible for your business growth.