October 20, 2021 | Frank Smith

The Future of Social WiFi Marketing and Its Importance


We are living in a world that is changing at a rapid pace. If you compare today’s world from the past, you are going to find numerous differences. Digging even deeper into the business environment, there have been lots of changes during the past few decades that have resulted in a lot of improvement. Most of this change is attributed to an internet connection, which has become vital for business growth. Social WiFi marketing has become an integral part of success, which is why you need to pay more attention to it.  

Business WiFi marketing is transforming how products are sold. Nowadays, the first thing a random visitor looks for when he enters a brick-and-mortar store is public WiFi. WiFi marketing takes the best features of an internet connection and uses it to gain customer satisfaction. Stores can gather important customer data through it, which can be used to sell products in a much better way. In this article, I am going to highlight how WiFi marketing is going to play an important role in business growth in the future.

Why is Social WiFi Marketing Better than Traditional Marketing? 

Nearly every physical business store is offering free WiFi nowadays. Any visitor who comes to the store can connect to the WiFi using an SSID and password that is usually displayed on a wall. The visitor can also ask for the password from the store manager. If you look at it from a security point of view, publicly displaying your network’s WiFi isn’t such a good option. On the other hand, if you remove the password from your network, it could leave it susceptible to hacks.   

Social WiFi solves this problem for businesses as they can use it to improve the overall security and customer experience. Instead of handing out passwords to anyone who comes to the store, you can use their social media accounts to give them access. Business WiFi uses a visitor’s social media credentials to allow him access. It keeps the customers away from your main network and they don’t have to wait for you to allow them access to your network.  

Different Features of Social WiFi That Make it Useful  

Social WiFi is transforming businesses and it’s not just because it has a catchy name. It offers brick-and-mortar stores the power to extract and use customer data, resulting in better marketing campaigns. Here are some of the most useful features that are offered by this technology, which helps businesses gain an edge over their competitors.

  1. Captive Portal Tool   

    The very first and the most important reason why social WiFi is a must is that it comes with a captive portal tool. A captive tool can be integrated with the server to authenticate all the users connected to the WiFi. In terms of security, there is no better way to ensure that everyone connected to the WiFi actually is a verified user and can be traced back.       

  2. Numerous Sign-In Options   

    Moreover, another benefit of using social WiFi is that it offers businesses a lot more utility. You are not bound by any sign-in limitation as you can have the user connect to your network through his social media. Not only does it improve user experience, but it also enhances your social media presence as you get free likes on your pages and can grow your network extensively.    

  3. Detailed Analytics  

    Running a business is not only about making the latest changes but also about ensuring that those changes are working. Analytics is a big part of any business, which is why you need to collect important data so that it can be studied. Social WiFi is different than simple WiFi because it enables businesses to perform analytics on everyone connected to the internet connection. These analytics can be used to devise strategies for future campaigns and get the most out of them.        

  4. Multichannel Marketing    

     Lastly, social WiFi expands the horizons of business marketing, enabling them to use direct and indirect modes of communication channels. Retail stores can get more traffic towards their website, social media pages, direct mail, etc. You will be able to integrate different channels of marketing without much effort, which is going to reduce your overall cost and improve your exposure.          

The Bottom Line    

Now that we have established that social WiFi marketing is not just an option for retail stores, but a necessity, you need to determine how to choose the best service. EZ Smart WiFi provides striving businesses with a unique yet simple WiFi solution. We help businesses turn their WiFi device into a money-making machine so that they can do much more without spending a lot of money.