MARCH 25, 2022 | Kevin Gates

5 Effective Wifi Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Sales

In the digital era we are living in, people largely depend on internet connectivity. According to Statista, the number of smartphone subscribers has reached 6 billion. People are using these gadgets as sources of entertainment, learning, as well as business management. But all these things are only possible when you have an active internet connection. The cellular companies are charging heavily for mobile data which is why free WiFi is a perk everyone wants. Furthermore, if a customer is choosing between two business venues, he will be more likely to consider places that provide free WiFi. And today, this WiFi has not just remained a source of providing free internet access, businesses are using it as a WiFi marketing tool.   

Retail stores and other offline businesses that are using WiFi marketing tools in their venues have better sales especially if their competitors are not offering this perk. Not only this, but this tool is helping these venues to compete with online stores as well. The Wifi tool does so by helping businesses enhance their online presence. You can get more reviews and likes on your social media pages with a WiFi solution. All in all, WiFi marketing for business has so much to offer to all sorts of offline businesses. But you can only have the desired results if you use this tool with some effective strategies. Continue reading and this blog will walk you through all those efficacious strategies you can use for your businesses. 


5 Constructive WiFi Marketing Strategies to Enhance Your Sales:  

WiFi Marketing tools are very powerful solutions to turn your store’s visitors into paying customers. So, if you have not already installed this tool in your venue, you are missing out on a significant opportunity for growing your business. Once you are done with installing this solution, here are 5 strategies you can opt to make the best use of this tool. 

Create Your Guest WiFi into Branded WiFi: 

A big mistake many brick-and-mortar businesses are making is offering a basic Wi-Fi connection that doesn’t mention the company in any way. Customers, when searching for WiFi in your venue, will see the network “Store X Wi-Fi,” and connect to the internet. This WiFi tool doesn’t engage them with the company in any way. 

On the other hand, with a Wi-Fi marketing solution, you can engage your customers by sending them to a specific URL when they want to join your Wi-Fi network. The URL they are directed to should be branded for your company.  This will remind your customers that you are giving them Wi-Fi for free and making them feel more obligated to make a purchase.

Offer Digital Coupons to Your Customers through WiFi:  :

Although offering free Wi-Fi is already a great perk to make your company stand out, yet sending your visitors a digital coupon once they log on to your Wi-Fi makes you stand out even more. Once a customer logs into your WiFi, you can redirect him to a unique URL where he can avail himself of a digital coupon. Doing so will make him feel special and as a result, he will return to your store in future.  

Promote Your Content: 

Many offline businesses have websites and, on those websites, they have blogs or newsletters that they use to engage customers. With Wifi solution, you can show these to your visitors when they log in to your Wi-Fi. This will increase their engagement with your company. And when they are more engaged with your brand, they are bound to buy more things from you.  

Capture Social Media Logins: 

Using WiFi marketing for business allows you to capture the social media details of your customers. You can ask them to log in with their social media accounts and when they do so, you can gather their details. This data will help you launch targeted marketing and sales campaigns. These effective sales strategies will, in the end, help you enhance your sales graph. In addition to this, this data will also help you improve your company’s analytics. 

Gamify Your WiFi Experience: 

So far, we have mentioned some fundamental consumer truths: people love free WiFi, and people love discount coupons. There is another thing that people love and that is “Games”. Adding a game to your Wi-Fi can get you a lot more visitors. For instance, you can offer an opportunity to your visitors to play a game and the result can determine what coupon they will receive.

While concluding this, one can say WiFi Marketing is an effective method to grow your business and when you use this tool with the aforementioned strategies, it can yield even better results. If you have not already installed this marketing solution in your venue, go with the best service provider,EZ Smart WiFi.